Our Team


Our amazing team of volunteers  are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!

Maryellen Heckler - President

Nicolette Gray - Vice President

Andi Staley - Secretary

Rick Weiler - Treasurer Pro-temp

Ken Smith - Co-Treasurer

Renae Tieri - Board of Directors

Mary Stephan - Board of Directors

Christine Yacabell - Board of Directors

Ronald Traenkle - Board of Directors



Join in on the Fun

Pool memberships

Pool activities including volleyball, swim lessons with a certified teacher, and water aerobics.

Volunteer opportunities for kids to obtain bright futures.

Community outreach that focuses on our  neighbors and their enjoyment of the neighborhood.

Big events with live music, good food, and lots of fun.


List of Events


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Chair Aerobics with Christine Conran
             Monday and Thursday
                          9 am

Chair Aerobics with Maryellen Heckler

               Monday and Thursday

                             9 am

Latin Dance Classes with Deborah Sosa


Wednesday 10 am

TAT Support group


Come join us in supporting each other . This is not a couseling session but instead a gathering for those who would like to support their neighbors or would like to find support through their grief.

                     January 8th at 5:30


We are Wild about Our Wildlife

We have lots of local Wildlife at TAT.

Some stay longer than others like Myrtle our resident Gopher tortoise and her children.

 Others come in to visit as the make their rounds like Tatum the Guinea Hen.

No matter how long they stay weenjoy their visit.

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